I’m New

I’m New

At MBC, we invite all who would make this their church home.
We’d love for you to connect through a small group where you can meet regularly with others to ‘do life’ together. We think Life is always better shared! Friendships and support in great & tough times are precious. They are great places to talk through how following Jesus impacts work, home, and everything we do as we learn from God’s Word together.

I’d like more information about what it means to be Christian?

I’d like more information about who Menai Baptist Church is or what MBC believes.

I’d like to ask one of the Pastors a question.

Exploring God

Below are some resources that we have collated to help answer some of your questions. However, much more than just some online resources, we would love to help you Explore God, life and faith. Please use the videos below, but we would love to chat further with you about what God is doing in your life.