Invite Your One

A Personal Strategy for Growing God’s Church

Location Details

  • MBC Church @ Inaburra School
    (Performing Arts Centre)
    77 Billa Road, Bangor

  • Sunday @ 9:30am

People say life is a journey, but it would be helpful to know the destination. For most, if not all, life tends to happen so quickly we just forget the end and go along for the ride. Church is a place where we can deliberately stop and think about where life is headed and how it can be lived. It is a place to search for answers in a picture larger than the day to day. At MBC, we want to give you the time and room to search for God, and to have your questions answered.


Why not join us this Sunday for our 9.30am service.

Our 6pm evening service is in recess until further notice – if you are interested in being a part of something new, then get in contact with our Leadership Team and Click Here


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