Connect Groups – Adopt a Mission Partner

Connect Groups – Adopt a Mission Partner

Andy & Cathie Staunton

Serving in Outback Australia with Baptist Mission Australia

The Anderson’s live alongside First Nations people, learning from each other and using these relationships to spread God’s word amongst local communities in their own distinct ways.

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Key MBC contact : Viv Grice

Andy & Cathie Staunton

Serving in Cambodia with Arrow Leadership

The Staunton’s have a passion for seeing locals being trained up to become leaders of the future so that the Gospel can be spread through Cambodia via locals. Andy is currently working as a school teacher whilst Cathie works amongst locals as she encourages and trains a small group of future leaders.

Key MSJC contact: Chris Drew/Lissie Jackson

Steve & Mandi Cook

Serving in Cambodia with Roots Cambodia

Roots is a community centre, local church and ecofarm all in one. They use the community centre to welcome locals to enable them to build authentic relationships with the Khmer people. They use these relationships to introduce locals to Christ whilst being able to provide food and shelter when needed.

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Key MSJC contact: Fanie Van Heerden

The Cook’s also attend Fanie’s Connect Group so are being cared for by the church in this way.

Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an organisation set-up to rescue children from trafficking and exploitation and help them stay free. They work across 12 countries covering Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Paul Summers is our contact within Destiny Rescue.

Lots more info available on their website:

Key MSJC contact: Clare Warren

High School Chaplaincy

Connor Davaram works through SRE and serves as Scripture Teacher in Menai High School.

I would love to see our church praying for Scripture at Menai High where only 40 out of 1,100 students regularly attend.

Key MSJC contact: Chris Drew/Brett Hookham

Destiny Rescue

Hope Street works amongst the most vulnerable in local communities by providing services across: Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Women’s Spaces, Affordable Food, Fair Finance and Stronger Families.

At MBC we support the team at Woolloomoloo who operate a second-hand clothing store and cafe. The cafe is used to provide barista training to enable unskilled/underprivileged individuals get back into the workforce. 

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Key MSJC contact: Lissie Jackson

Key MBC contact: Margie Gibb