Easter 2020 Resources

Easter 2020 Resources

As an extension of our conversations in the chat section of our online Easter services, here are some creative ideas to engage and go deeper in your walk with Jesus this Easter in your local neighbourhood.

·         11am prayer: Together we’re going to set a few minutes aside at 11am each day as a Church (Ps. 133) and press on with God to heal our world (2 Chronicles 7:14)  

“In this time of uncertainty, hope in Christ is paramount! We would like to invite MBC to set some time aside each day and join together in prayer to ask God’s grace on Earth. Pray for the end to this Covid-19 epidemic and for God to open opportunities for us to share Christ.” – Sohan David (Leadership Council)

·         ‘He is Risen’ banner craft to display in your front window as neighbours walk by – We’ve seen the Teddy bears in the windows, how about declaring Jesus is Risen alongside them? (Get the craft here)  

·         Printable bible verse cards from Crossway. (Get the cards here)

·         Write a letter to your neighbours offering help if they need it (Template available here

·         Start an Easter Devotional via the “The Bible App” – The Bible App has many Free Devotionals. Cassy and I are doing “The Way To the Saviour” with our three boys this week. 

·         Free PDF Book by renowned author Paul David Tripp – “A Shelter in the Storm”.

·         Neighbourhood Map & prayer walk
Why not map out your neighbourhood and then head out for a walk? 
While you’re out for some simple exercise, pray for your neighbours, make eye contact with each person and smile as you pass them. 
Consider this: Does physical distancing really have to mean social isolation? Like us, many of our neighbours are now at home more than they ever have been before! What better time to start praying for them and saying a quick hello (…from a safe distance)? 

If you or your family engage with any of these ideas, take a photo and send through your feedback. We’d love to see how you’re engaging during Covid-19 to encourage us all.

Grace & Peace, 

Mark Riethmuller
Associate Pastor