Operation Christmas Child Boxes Commissioning
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  • Inaburra PAC

Operation Christmas Child Boxes Commissioning

This week part of our Sunday morning service we’ll be praying for God to use the OCC boxes that MBC has prepared to reach those who have not heard the Good News about Jesus. We’ll have an update for the number of boxes as well.

Eva Bossenberger


Meet Eva. She’s a woman on a mission with no time to waste.  Eva is 100-years-old, and yet wakes up between 3-4 and heads for her sewing machine.
At the end of last year, Eva’s pastor asked her to make about 180 items for girls that could be packed in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Eva didn’t have to think long before she knew what she’d do.

“I love it. The Lord gave me hands with no arthritis. I’m doing what the Lord has asked me to do.”

Eva is making dresses that will soon be packed in shoeboxes and distributed to little girls across the world who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Watch Eva’s Story below:

100 Year Old Sewing Dresses and Planting Gospel Seeds