Frequently Asked Questions

Not used to Church? Want to come prepared? Here’s a list of questions and answers to help make the Church experience at MBC easier for you.

FAQ - I'm New

Do I have to sing?

At Menai Baptist Church we would like you to feel comfortable, and we would love you to join us in the worship songs – but if you would enjoy listening to everyone else singing, that’s fine too.

What happens at Church?

When you arrive you will be greeted at the door by some of our friendly people.

The worship leader and musicians lead us in worship and we sing songs to praise God.

We pray for each other and our friends, families and our local and global communities.

One of our Pastors will share a message from the Bible.

Each week, we take up a collection or “offering” for the work of the church and to help those who need it most. We give because God first gave to us, but there is no obligation to give.

On the first Sunday each month we share communion or “the Lords supper” which is where we remember Jesus Christ’s amazing sacrifice for us on the cross.

At the end of the service, we catch up over a cuppa and some morning tea.

What should I wear?

We’re pretty happy just to have you with us! So what you wear isn’t important to us, and its actually not that important to God either! (Check out 1 Samuel 16:7 if you want to know more!)

If we had to have a dress code, we’d probably say smart casual. But just remember, if you want to dress up or dress down, we’re cool with that too!

Where do I go?

Inaburra School is a project of Menai Baptist Church, and we hold the Sunday morning service at the Inaburra School Performing Arts Centre (PAC) at 77 Billa Rd Bangor at 9:30am.

Our Sunday evening service is held at the Menai Baptist Centre, where our church office is located. The service starts at 6pm at Unit 2, 778-886 Old Illawarra Road Menai.

Who is Church for?

Church is for anyone and everyone! You don’t even have to believe what we believe. Many of us are from different walks of life, with different cultural and family backgrounds – we would love for you to come too!

Will I be asked for Money? How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to come to our Church!

During our service we will have an opportunity for anyone to give towards the running of the Church. This will be explained in the service and will be called the “offering”. A couple of people in our service will have blue bags – this helps people be able to give confidentially.

That money contributes directly towards things like our Pastors, rental of our Worship spaces, various local and overseas missionaries as well as our Ministries like our kids and youth programs. If you want to give towards that, we’d love to say thanks for blessing us, our community and the people we support overseas. But if you haven’t come prepared for that, or you simply don’t want to, thats completely okay too! The bible is real clear that giving is between each person and God, so we definitely won’t be making anyone feel guilty about giving during our services.

Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon!