What it means to be Christian ?

What it means to be Christian ?

What it means to be a Christian

The word Christian was given to the early followers of Jesus, and the name has ‘stuck’ to this day. Being a Christian is not about keeping rules and regulations, performing rituals, or even going to church. It’s about a friendship – a friendship with Jesus Christ. Jesus said that knowing him is the doorway to a special relationship with God.

Jesus says that we can begin such a special relationship with God by committing ourselves to follow him. Millions of people today have discovered a relationship with God in this way.

About becoming Christian

Jesus Christ came to make it possible for each of us to have a relationship with God. He did this by dying on a cross – where he paid the massive debt we owe for all the ways we have offended him by our attitudes and actions. These offences are so serious they shut us out of contact with God, not only during this life, but for ever. Only Jesus’ death and resurrection make it possible for us to be forgiven and accepted by God.

Whenever anyone asks Jesus to come into their life – they can be sure he will. Because Jesus promised to do just that and, as God, he would never break a promise.

Following Jesus makes a person a Christian – a member of the worldwide family of Jesus Christ; a family committed to helping each other make a real difference in the world.

For anyone taking this step to follow Jesus, it is just the beginning. They’ll soon find themselves talking to him – like any friend. That’s prayer. They’ll want to find out more about him from reading the Bible. They’ll be keen to become involved with others in his family – that’s going to a church. And they will want to live the way he wants them to.

Perhaps this is all so new to you, you want time to think it through; get some questions answered. Or maybe you want to know God. Give one of our Pastors a call, or drop in one Sunday and have a chat to find out what its all about.