May Mission Month

Engagement with global and local mission is an all year round calling for followers of Jesus. So how does May Mission Month fit in?

May Mission Month is an opportunity for Australian Baptist Churches to dedicate focused time to learning about and partnering with God’s mission.

At MBC, our Mission Partners are:

  • Steve & Mandi Cook – Roots Project, Cambodia
  • Andy & Cathie Staunton – Arrow Leadership, Cambodia
  • Mat & Shannon Anderson – Northern Territory
  • Destiny Rescue

May Mission Month Giving

Contributing to fundraising can be done via any of our Giving options here.

If using direct deposit, please use the following in the reference field to indicate where the funds should go:

  • MMM Destiny Rescue
  • MMM Stauntons
  • MMM Cooks
  • MMM Andersons

For those wishing to claim a tax deduction (Arrow or Destiny Rescue), please ensure you provide your details here: Tax Deduction Receipt Form

Our mission partners

Mandi & Steve Cook

Mandi & Steve Cook work with Roots Project in Cambodia. Roots was founded in 2012, and is a community centre, local church and ecofarm all in one!

Mandi & Steve partner with local churches as they serve the community and build authentic relationships with Khmer believers.

How you can pray

  • For the Holy Spirit to move in our unreached village.
  • May the seeds planted in our classes fall on good soil.
  • We hope to hire (in the next 6 months or so) a Khmer co-laborer. Please pray God prepares someone’s heart to serve the Kingdom with us.
  • Praise for the wonderful Air BnB properties and the travellers who have already stayed. And please pray that people continue to come to stay (tourism is slow in Cambodia). The hope is that these properties will help make Roots ministry sustainable.

Mat & Shannon Anderson

Mat and Shannon Anderson along with their four children: Beth, Peter, Caleb and Samuel live in Kalkarindji (Outback Australia) and work with Baptist Mission Australia.

The Anderson’s live alongside First Nations people, learning from each other and using these relationships to spread God’s word amongst local communities in their own distinctive ways.

How you can pray

  • Praise God for the men’s and lady’s bible studies. Pray that they would lead to a deepening and growing understanding and application of God’s Word in the lives of all who attend. 
  • Pray for the children and youth of Kalkarindji/ Daguragu, Lajamanu, Yuendumu, Ali Curung, and Willowra. Pray for the families raising young people today. Pray that God’s people would be able to share biblical wisdom for families in a loving, helpful and kind way. 
  • Pray that Shannon would be able to continue to have helpful conversations with kids at school, that God would open opportunities and hearts. 
  • Pray for our kiddos – pray for them to be able to cope with all the challenges and pressures of living where we don’t “belong”. 

Andy & Cathie Staunton

Andy & Cathie Staunton along with their three children: Charlie, Ruby and Hugo are working with Arrow Leadership in Cambodia.

They living amongst locals, serving in local churches to bring Jesus to the people of Cambodia.

They are seeking to raise the next generation of local leaders to create a ministry that succeeds long after they are gone!

How you can pray

Praise God that He has sustained our family in Cambodia for over four years now! Please pray:

  1.  For wisdom and continued cultural insight as Andy and Cathie come alongside Khmer Christian Leaders, teachers and students.
  2. For relationships with Khmer people that we live and work amongst to be nurtured and deepened.
  3. For sustained health and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for the whole family and safety especially on the roads. 
  4. For direction and clarity in the establishment of a Christian leadership training Centre in Siem Reap. 
  5. As new opportunities to serve the Khmer people are presented, that we can discern the best use of our time, energy, giftings and limited resources – in order that we are able to equip Khmer people and encourage the growth of the Cambodian Church and locally led ministry. 

Destiny Rescue

  • Praise God for 3352 kids rescued, 231 raids, 241 arrests in 2023.
  • Praise God on 4 August a raid funded by MBC was executed in Cambodia where 4 girls were rescued, 2 pimps were arrested and an establishment is not operating today!
  • Pray for continual healing of children rescued last year and rescue agents.
  • Pray for our social workers for supernatural insights into writing pathway of freedom plans and then walk with children in those plans.