So you want to volunteer, that’s great!

Before you start, there are a few steps you need to complete. We follow a process of recruitment that is set out in our SAFE CHURCH POLICY – Procedures for Recruitment and Training of Staff and Volunteers, endorsed by the NSW and ACT Baptist Association


Please watch this SAFE CHURCH INTRODUCTION VIDEO. This introduction video tells you about our Safe Church program and Policies at Menai Baptist Church.


You need to read and complete a MBC SAFE CHURCHES MINISTRY SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE or MBC SAFE CHURCHES MINISTRY SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE FOR UNDER18’s, read and sign the CODE OF CONDUCT FOR 16 YEARS AND OVER or CODE OF CONDUCT FOR LEADERS form. You will need to provide a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). To apply for one or if you need to renew one that has expired, you can do so at this link.


You will be contacted by a member of the Safe Church Team and asked to attend an interview. Once you are deemed eligible to volunteer, you will be contacted by your ministry leader to:-

1. Discuss your specific role and provide you with a job description,

2. Provide you with a copy of the Safe Church Blueprint,

3. Instruct you to complete the Safe Spaces online module, and

4. Arrange for you to attend a Creating Safe Spaces Training workshop (18 yrs and over only) or attend a Teen Safe Workshop (under 18yrs only).

Please note that your information is recorded in a register accessible only to those persons authorised to view it ie. the Safe Church Team.