Ways to watch our broadcast

With so many options from smart TVs to mobile devices, it can feel like you need either a degree in technology or to have been born this century. Don't give up!

Here's a few tips to get you Google-casting or Air-playing like a pro.

What's what on the page

  1. The viewing area. We all get this bit
  2. The "Control Bar". Allows us to change settings and choose other devices like TVs to play on
  3. The chat window
  4. QR code to open chat on another device (like your phone or tablet)
  5. Buttons: Orange - Make a prayer request or fill out a contact card. Green - Takes you to the MBC home page

Your personal live chat

If you scan the QR code (4) using your phone you can still see the chat even if you have the video full screen!

The code here works the same.

If you don't want to use your full name just set a name that friends will recognise, I bet you know who "B Hook" is?

Make it play on TV

Do you have a "Smart TV"?

The icon in the yellow circle is the "CAST" button and the pink one is the "Airplay" button, see location 2 on the page screenshot. It will only appear if: (1.) you are able to send the video to your smart TV, and (2.) if the broadcast stream has already started. 

It can operate from your smartphone, tablet or computer as long as you are on the household network or WiFi.

Getting help

We don't want anyone to miss out on getting the best out of our live church broadcasts. If you're really stumped and you can't convince a friendly millennial to help, just fill in a connect card and say that you need video help and someone will contact you.

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